Poestenkill Fire Co. We are no longer supporting this website and will be deleted 3/2020. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/PFC27/
Poestenkill Fire Co.We are no longer supporting this website and will be deleted 3/2020.Please follow us on Facebook for the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/PFC27/



Elected- Chief, Assistant Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants
Appointed- Engineers, Foremen, Training


Chief (Car 1)
Brian Teal
Email: Car1@poestenkillfire.org
Phone: C: (518) 322-5377

Assistant Chief (Car 2)
Daniel McIntyre
Email: Car2@poestenkillfire.org
Phone: Phone: C: (518) 527-3900


Assistant Chief (Car 3)
Luke Reiter
Email: Car3@poestenkillfire.org
Phone: C: (518) 421-0172


Joel Uline

David Basle

David Ruppert Jr.
William Weis
Neil Anderson

Lee Catlin


Fire Police Captain
Phil Orsini

Fire Police Lieutenant
Zach Orsini



Don Toniatti

John Windover

John Jacangelo

Christopher Hughes

Brandon Harris





Safety Officer
James Hughs

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