Poestenkill Fire Co. We are no longer supporting this website and will be deleted 3/2020. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/PFC27/
Poestenkill Fire Co.We are no longer supporting this website and will be deleted 3/2020.Please follow us on Facebook for the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/PFC27/

Fire Company Members

Types of membership:

  • (G) Grandfather Members- Those persons who were members of the Fire Company as of December 31, 1981.They have all the rights and privileges of an Active 1 Member
  • (H) Honorary Member- Is a person who has served the Fire Company with honor and distinction, or certain non-members who have contributed materially to the welfare, morale, & spirit of the Fire Company.
  • (L) Life Members- A member who has served the Fire Company with honor and distinction, and who has contributed materially to the welfare, morale & spirit of the Fire Company, beyond his normal responsibilities and duties. As such, they shall be entitled to all the rights of an active I member and shall be exempt from paying dues for life.
  • (20) Twenty Year Member- A member who has been in good standing in our fire company for at least 20 years, ten of which must have been as an Active 1 member. As such they shall be exempt from paying dues, or attending meetings & social obligations.
  • (M) Members of the Armed Forces- Any member in the Armed Forces on active duty shall maintain the class status of membership they held prior to entering active duty.


Types of Active levels:

  • (I) Active 1- Are members that achieve 35% of all drills, meetings, and calls requiring a fire control number.
  • (II) Active 2- Are members that achieve 40% of all social functions. (ie: Dinners, Car Show, and other Social Fuctions as they happen)

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