Poestenkill Fire Co. We are no longer supporting this website and will be deleted 3/2020. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/PFC27/
Poestenkill Fire Co.We are no longer supporting this website and will be deleted 3/2020.Please follow us on Facebook for the latest info. https://www.facebook.com/PFC27/

Our Current Membership

Members as of 2/4/2013

F. Name L. Name Status Joined Active On Alarm
Adam Anderson   12/2005 II  
Laurie Anderson   12/2003 II  
Neil Anderson   08/2002 I X
Donald Bailey G,20
1953 I  
Charles Ballard G,20 1977 I
David Basle  20 12/1984 I X
Louis Basle  G,L
09/1975 I
Gail Bentley   05/2001 II  
Glenn Bermas 20 01/1995 II  
Derek Bornt   11/2008 I X
Steven Bornt   03/1996 I X
P Bradley   ????? I X
Charles Bubie G,20
1964 I  
John Bubie G,20 1968 I  
Matt Bucher   03/2010 II  
Jordan Burt   10/2010 I X
Lee Scott Catlin, Jr.   12/2001 I X
F Catlin, Jr.   ????? I X
Ted Catlin, Jr. G,L
06/1956 I  
Toby Chadwick G,20 02/1975 I  
Ed Claren, Jr. G,20 1954 I  
Danilyn Cronin   07/2007 I X
K Cronin   ????? I X
Tim Cronin   08/2001 I X
Merritt Cropsey M 11/1995 I  
Richard Cropsey, Jr.   03/1996 II  
Richard Cropsey, Sr. G,20 1973 I  
Robert Dzembo G,20 05/1959 I  
Sam Dzembo G,20 1951 I  
Christopher Eaton G,20 08/1976 I  
Michelle Eaton   03/1996 II  
Raymond Eaton 20 03/1989 II  
George Eaton, Jr. G,L 04/1975 I  
Evan Eisenhandler G,20 1971 I X
Dominick Ethridge   07/1999 II  
Ben A. Fontaine   09/2003 I X
Brian Gardner M 03/2006 I  
Raymond  Gardner   12/2007 I X
David Gebhardt G,L 1968 I  
Marty Gibbons G,20 1972 I  
Gregory Goodermote 20 07/1989 II  
Richard Goyer G,20 02/1963 I  
Tom Goyer G,L 1947 I  
Mark Harrington   02/2000 II  
James Harris G,20 12/1971 I  
Christopher Hathaway 20 03/1995 II  
Michaela Hewitt   08/2011 II  
Al Horton G,20 01/1972 I  
C Hughs G,L ????? I X
James Hughs G,L 1969 I X
Roger Hughs G,20 05/1975 I  
Keith Hull, Sr  G,L 1969 I  
J Jacangelo   ????? I X
T Jacangelo   ????? I X
David Jacon 20 07/1982 I  
Susan Jacon 20 08/1990 I  
John Jacon, Sr. G,20 04/1962 I  
Diane Jankovic   01/1997 II  
Joe Jankovic G,20 01/1985 I  
Beth Jefferson   03/2003 II  
Lenny Johnson, Jr. G,20 03/1981 I  
Lenny Johnson, Sr. G,20 10/1976 I  
Kenneth Kaskoun G,20 1972 I X
Leo Lackey 20 12/1989 II  
David Legenbauer G,L 05/1963 I  
James Legenbauer   07/2002 II  
Robert Lester 20 01/1989 II  
Kenneth Longacker G,20 12/1978 I  
Alexander Lord   08/2002 II  
Patrick Marks   01/2000 II  
Michael Marro 20 06/1984 II  
Daniel McIntyre 20 06/1990 I X
Tom Mero 20 02/1986 I X
Sam Miller G,20 03/1981 I  
Erin Mohamed   11/2001 II  
Brian Mortimer G,20 04/1976 I  
Warren Mortimer G,L
1969 I  
Antonio Munoz   01/2009 II  
Jolene Munoz   02/2002 II  
James Myott G,20 10/1975 I  
Alan Nelson G,20 1974 I  
Larry Nichols G,L 1970 I  
Thomas O'Donnell G,L 07/1975 I  
Philip Orsini   10/2010 I X
Zachary Orsini   10/2010 I X
Jay Raftis G,20 06/1963 I  
Brian Reardon   01/2013 I X
Garrett Reardon   10/2011 I X
Luke M. Reiter   06/2002 I X
Marci Ruppert   08/1999 II  
Roni Ruppert  20
11/1994 II  
David Ruppert, Jr. 20 03/1991 I X
David Ruppert, Sr. 20 01/1991 I X
Matthew Saucier   02/2013 II  
Sarah Saucier   02/2013 II  
Michael Savoie   08/2002 II  
Paul Schmidt G,20 02/1963 I  
Richard Sheehy 20
12/1994 II  
Mollie Slavin   11/2010 II  
Richard Slavin G,20 04/1976 I  
Thomas Slavin, Jr. G,L
03/1962 I X
Craig Southard   04/2008 II  
Joan Southard   02/2005 II  
William Southard   03/2004 II  
Donald Swankey G,20 1951 I  
Brian Teal   06/1998 I X
Ruth Teal   10/2006 I X
B Timber   ????? I X
Brian Toniatti 20
08/1994 I X
Donald Toniatti G,L 1969 I X
Ronald Toniatti 20 04/1992 II  
Joel Uline 20 04/1983 I X
Joseph Vartigan G,20 02/1972 I  
Samantha Vooris   08/2009 II  
Thomas Vooris 20 12/1984 I  
Ross Wager G,20 1974 I  
Keith Wagner   07/2010 II  
Diane Waldron   01/2001 I X
Phillip Walters G,20 08/1958 I  
Brianna Weaver   09/2007 II  
Vicki Weaver 20 02/1989 II  
William Weis   03/2009 I X
Eric Wohlleber   02/2013 II  
Georgann Wilder G,20 06/1976 I  
John Windover   04/2010 I X
Alan Yetto   07/2000 II  
Penny Yetto   11/1997 I X

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